Impaired Risk

Why shop a case? There are two great reasons. One being, that detailed estate planning would be constructed (ILIT for example) on an advanced planning case, and before moving forward with that estate planning – accountants & attorneys – a favorable underwriting assessment needs to be investigated. You bet. We can do that for you.

But far more common is the second reason, to obtain a reasonable expected price for the client. Shopping for this reason is the hallmark of a successful sale. It’s those everyday cases that most agents are faced with. And when the agent can increase the odds of the premium coming out the same or near expected, the agent maintains his own credibility and a client confidence will last the duration of the sale.

If the case we have been processing for you is rated Table 2 or higher, we automatically send you a memo inviting you to contact us. We are in the ready position to take your case to another carrier. Our Shop Team is driven to find you what you are looking for, and we know it’s not all about medical underwriting. We have the knowledge of carrier niche underwriting markets coupled with knowledge of products and pricing. When we shop your case, we keep all those industry areas in mind. Check out our venerable and lengthy list of available carriers on our website.

Common impairments you might find are diabetes, heart disease, prior cancer history, and more. We are capable of finding competitive carriers for many more areas; including avocation, various types of tobacco use and travel. One of the tools are questionnaires to ask your client the right questions.

In addition to our shopping savvy, and due to our substantial book of business with carriers, we often have teams specially designed to accommodate our agency needs.

Shopping isn’t just for shopping, it’s to establish the credibility and know-how that your client wants to see from the start. Use our powerhouse shopping team to help you accomplish that.

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Health Questionnaires


We await your completed questionnaire! You will have an answer in 2-4 business days – sufficient time to make thorough contacts for your case.
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